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Location: Lordspire Mountain

Though Lordspire technically only refers to a singular mountain in its home range, the title has colloquially been applied to the entire mountain range by outsiders. It is the largest mountain in the western half of what is known as the Head of the Earth mountain range, and is known for the way local cultural magics have warped it from its original shape. The mountain is revered by many of its residents as the last living deity, and as such, over the course of years it has developed a degree of dreaming life that many mountains would envy.

Lordspire is home to two species of Glider-kin: the Tricorns to the south side, and the Plague-eaters to the north side. Both of these cultures begrudge each other a mutual respect and often trade both physical exports and ideas to each other, but do not intermingle beyond this in any sort of officiated capacity. Due to cultural trades, the belief structures of these cultures have grown similar enough to be compatible in ways that affect the physical world through magic, and resemble one another more closely than they resemble other nearby cultures.

Magical Influence

The way that Lordspire Mountain has been warped and altered by the belief systems of the denizens to its north and south makes it a fascinating and significant example of the power of magic across the Heartland. Every change it has weathered from the beginning of time, including its development of a degree of supernatural power, is a symptom of the beliefs of its people.

Dreaming Life & Power

Given the size of the mountain, it is uncertain where exactly its consciousness ends or begins on a geographical scale, but it has been described by the people of its northern foothills that it is easier to contact closer to its spiraling ridges and twisted peak. The Lordspire is known to be immensely wise and knowledgeable by both groups of its denizens, but given conflicting descriptions of its kindness, it has become both pragmatic and compassionate in equal measure, and these facets of its personality interact in interesting ways. Regardless, it is intimately familiar with various philosophies, and those who speak with it come away with new, different understandings of the world.

Its motives are obscure, but it is known to help its people in whatever ways it can. Though its differing people come to solicit differing sorts of help, it has garnered power vast enough to prevent droughts, abate floods, and guide its native fauna, and yet wisdom enough to offer the sort of guidance that is sought from it.

Physical Warping

Interestingly, the power of belief has warped the mountain into a twisted, spiraling shape, though how exactly this came to be is uncertain. It has ten spiralled ridges, which twist all the way to the perimeter of the foothills in a counter-clockwise flow. These ridges occasionally have shorter ridges branching off in the direction of flow. At the peak, where the ridges meet, they coalesce into a twisted, stony tower that extends further skyward, and appears to have separated into an impossible, floating construct.

It is unknown why the mountain's physical shape twisted in such a way, but it is theorized that it has taken shapes that resemble a creature to suit its consciousness. That said, no denizens of the mountain have seen a creature the likes of this, but better ideas are rare or even nonexistent, so the creature theory is the most commonly settled on.

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