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The Heartland: Articles

This page is intended to serve as a hub for all articles belonging to the Heartland project, particularly pages for such things as species, locations, and cultures. At this time, there are 4 finished articles. Articles will be linked as they are completed. Any and all articles, even post-construction, may be subject to further future edits and overhauls.


The world is divided over two supercontinents, defined as "western" as "eastern" in absence of names, centered over the Beasthome Ocean. Locations on these continents are organized here in order of north to south, then west to east. Visual representation is pending, but unlikely in the near future as of 7/5/2020.

Western Supercontinent

No established information.

Eastern Supercontinent

No established information.

Peoples & Cultures

The various different sapient species of the Heartland are listed here. Though they may be taxonomically different, they are all similar in spirit, and each have their own unique cultures. Here, they are divided by Kin-rank for ease of navigation.


The Gliderkin are an incredibly varied group, with multiple distinct genera and species. They are known for being feathery and gryphon-like, and are the furthest removed from the other kins on a taxonomic level. Gliderkin are the most ubiquitous family of sapients, scattered across the Heartland all the way from the northern icecaps to the southern end of the Tail of Earth.


Though generally known for the birthplace of their genus, these days, Valleykin have begun to settle anywhere and everywhere. They look greatly similar to wild dragons, covered in coats of scales and flashy feathers, but are noticeably smaller than a majority of other dragons.


A rare sight compared to the other kins, the Warmkin are poorly understood by outsiders and are considered reclusive. They are a distinct few, but not often recognized, and the two species of their underpopulated family are so different as to be thought unrelated entirely.

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